The Council Room

Here, you can see all the votes, past and present, used to drive the story. This includes “hidden” votes not included in the Workshop parts that help determine more about you; “Valine“, and your basic details and attributes.

  • More About You 11

    You still have a few more hours before it’s time to strike. That’s plenty of time for your anxiety levels to rise, right..?

  • More About You 10

    If you want to find out more about what happened last night, you may have to change your approach. What will you do?

  • Vote 14

    Silas needs help, but his proposed actions are not exactly… legal. Ameronis is on board, but what about you?

  • Supplimentary Vote 5

    You’ve attended your first duelling class with Captain Cedric, with mixed results for you and Ameronis. Will you continue attending the sessions?

  • More About You 9

    You’re adventuring, and trying new things. This includes aspects of the nightlife! What’s your usual approach?

  • More About You 8

    Travelling with Ameronis for a few hours presents a good opportunity to learn more about one another. Or is it?