The Council Room

Here, you can see all the votes, past and present, used to drive the story. This includes “hidden” votes not included in the Workshop parts that help determine more about you; “Valine“, and your basic details and attributes.

  • Vote 13

    Inside The Warrior's Hearth

    An interesting morning, and a free afternoon; what’s next on the agenda?

  • More About You 7

    Loud, friendly, and always ready for a laugh and a bit of gossip, Morrie, Brinnet, Agnai, Elaphora, Magara and Grace are a rambunctious bunch. Could they make a good friend group?

  • Supplementary Vote 4

    There’s a lot on offer at The Warrior’s Edge; plenty to keep you entertained and improve your skills. Will you take up any of the opportunities?

  • Supplementary Vote 3

    Determine a hidden aspect of your fate by selecting some mystery numbers!

  • More About You 6

    When this large, scraggly dog decides to introduce himself, the only appropriate response is…

  • More About You 5

    Everyone has their own problems to deal with, but, can you spare a thought for those in need?