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  • Chapter 1 – Part 3: Derna

    Chapter 1 – Part 3: Derna

    Your initial search brings no luck. The only option now is to head into town. The mysterious Derna lies on the horizon, and Ameronis proves to be a little more enigmatic as well. Now, you have two goals; clear your debt, and explore the new city.

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  • Chapter 1 – Part 2: Paths Entwined

    Chapter 1 – Part 2: Paths Entwined

    Ameronis, covered your expenses. Now you owe them. You will not be defeated by AND indebted to them. You decide to accompany them as they travel; you will not leave until you clear your debt.

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  • Chapter 1 – Part 1 : Defeat

    Chapter 1 – Part 1 : Defeat

    You have been defeated. Twice. But now, instead of finishing you, your opponent warns of an incoming storm, and leads you to shelter. There, they pay for your food and board, and introduce themselves as “Ameronis”. Perhaps they aren’t so bad after all?

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