The Council Room

Here, you can see all the votes, past and present, used to drive the story. This includes “hidden” votes not included in the Workshop parts that help determine more about you; “Valine“, and your basic details and attributes.

  • Precursor Vote 4

    We fought once before, but now, it’s time for a rematch. Last time, I chose my weapon after you. How will you fare if you choose after I do?

  • Precursor Vote 3

    The dust settled. It’s been a while. I’ve chosen my weapon; now you must choose yours.

  • Precursor Vote 2

    Weapons selected, it’s time to fight! Who would win in this battle?

  • Precursor Vote 1

    This was the vote that started this whole mess when I decided to throw down and challenge RanGen’s visitors to fight me with a bunch of weapons plucked from the Weapon Generator.