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Without missing a beat, you swallow, and confidently tell Ameronis that your name is “Valine”. Ameronis nods, satisfied with that answer. You file this name away for continued future use.

The two of you talk idly for a while longer, during which time you learn that they’re planning to head up to bed relatively soon, and will be leaving the tavern early in the morning and heading out of town to continue their journey.

You contemplate this for a while, considering if this is the last time you’ll see them. They can disappear over the horizon, and you can carry on with…whatever you find yourself doing when you step back out into the town tomorrow. Just another stranger briefly crossing your path and disappearing just as quickly.

On the other hand, this time, they don’t seem like they’re interested in challenging you to another rematch, so, if you wanted to have another stab at kicking their butt this time, you’d lose the opportunity to demand one. Though, if they beat you a third time, they might not be so lenient as to let you live…

You swill the dregs of your ale around in your cup.

Then there’s the matter of them paying for your food and board. On the one hand, they offered to pay of their own free will, so why look a gift horse in the mouth? It certainly made things easier for you, what with you not having valid money for this area, and the cold and the dark coming in. But, on the other hand, you don’t need their charity. You’re sure you could’ve managed on your own, somehow. After all, you made it this far. The idea of being indebted to someone, especially in a case like this… Should you just let it go?

Your thoughts are interrupted when you realise that the previously quiet chatter of the other patrons is overridden by the incredibly loud ranting of an older man who seems to have recently entered while you were spacing out. You can’t tell if he’s drunk or just angry, but whatever his problem is, it’s starting to become everyone else’s problem as he disturbs the peace with his complaints and demands as he sits at the bar. While his racket is the main focus, the man is accompanied by a younger woman, who, while mostly quiet, seems to be very on edge, as if she’s expecting everyone to jump up and get her.

The other patrons regard them briefly before going back to their own business and pretending that the couple does not exist, but a few who catch the attention of the man are soon on the receiving end of an angry tirade; one such group decides they’ve had enough and choose to leave rather than stick around.

You shake your head as you watch them leave, wondering if you should go upstairs and escape too. As you glance back across the room you manage to catch the eye of the man, who is now leaning with his back against the bar and looking in your direction. He sneers at you.

“‘Ey..! What you lookin’ at..?!”

The bald old man yells at you.

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You blink in surprise. The last thing you had intended was to become a target yourself. What will you do?

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    7 i don’t want to risk public embarrassment, i just want power

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