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The stranger snorts, amused.

“The wind will take you straight to the afterlife if you don’t get out of here. I heard this area is prone to get sideswiped by sandstorms…”

They glance in the direction of the desert.

“I don’t know about you, but I don’t feel like getting sandblasted any time soon. The closest settlement is in a valley not too far from here; that’s where I was heading before all…this…”

They motion toward your little battlefield.

“You’re free to tag along if you want, but if not…”

You consider for a moment. The idea of having your skin peeled off by swirling sand doesn’t sound too enjoyable, especially not combined with the cold and your increasing soreness. You have no real idea where you are, and wandering around blindly in the dark wouldn’t be a good idea either. Best to just head into town, get your bearings and go from there.

The stranger nods, then leads the way.

Following the stranger.

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Before long, you see the twinkling of lights in the distance, and eventually, the two of you end up in a small town outside The White Hound tavern. The two of you enter the establishment, which is warm and relatively cosy; a welcome respite from the temperature outside, which doesn’t seem to be too far away from freezing. There are a few patrons, with some light chatter and the occasional clink of cups and cutlery, but it is mostly empty and quiet.

You flop into a chair at a table near the fire, and, after a brief discussion with the stranger where you realise; you don’t have any of the local currency (a fact which again amuses the stranger), they offer to buy you a meal, a drink, and pay for a room for you for the night, as a consolation for your horrible loss to them in battle. Irritation aside, no point passing up on the offer of free stuff right now, especially as starting another fight wouldn’t be in your best interests right now…

A little while later, you sit with your bowl of hot stew and mug of cold ale, staring idly into the fire as you eat. The stranger leans back in their chair, resting their arms behind their head.

“I suppose I should introduce myself. I am Ameronis of Griasse, and I am, put simply, on a journey seeking knowledge. And you are..?”

You take a moment to chew your food, thinking quickly. What will you do?

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