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You don’t want to leave a debt like that unpaid. Stretching for a moment, you roll out of bed and quickly begin to get ready.

Soon you’re downstairs in the common room. It’s empty, although you can hear one of the tavern workers in the back, apparently seeing off the delivery guys from earlier. A short while later, he enters the room and heads towards the fireplace, noticing you as he goes.

“Breakfast won’t be available for a while yet..”

You shake your head; you hadn’t even considered that, but tell him that it’s OK. He goes over to the fireplace and begins to scrape out most of the ashes. You ask him if he has seen Ameronis come downstairs yet. He doesn’t stop scraping.

“You’re the first person to come down unless he came down and snuck out while I was in the back..?”

He begins rearranging the smouldering remains, then adds some fresh wood before fanning the lot, rousing a small fire. You glance at the door, wondering if Ameronis did leave already. They did say”early”.
You figure you’ll wait a while and see. Maybe 15 minutes. Maybe 30. If they don’t show up by then, You’ll assume they’re already gone. Maybe grab some of that breakfast the tavern worker mention-oh, right, no money…

You idly pat your hidden inner pocket, feeling the notes and coins within; not an insignificant amount by any means. It sucks that your money isn’t valid here though. You wonder if there’s anywhere to exchange it nearby, and what the exchange rate is. If you could find such a place, you could solve all your problems right now. Well, assuming it’s open this early.

You walk across the room and open the door, stepping out into the brisk morning air. It’s getting brighter now, though a light fog causes the area to be a little dull and hazy. You glance up and down the street, which is a little busier than you expected at this time of day; everyone certainly looks like they’ve got places to go and things to do. From what you can see, this place doesn’t seem like it’s all that big or populated, though, you are still on the Southern edge of town, so maybe there’s a lot more further on. Either way, there does seem to be a distinct farmer-esque quality to most of the people you see moving about.

Morning outside The White Hound tavern.

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The voice comes from behind you. You turn and look back into the tavern, where you see Ameronis a short way away; robed, masked and carrying their bag over one shoulder. You don’t see the scythe though. Now that you think about it, you don’t remember seeing it at all when you were hanging out with them last night. Did they stash it somewhere just outside of town while you were both approaching in the dark? Would make sense; your battleaxe is easy enough to conceal under your bag, coat, sleeping bag, etc, but that scythe? The handle itself was 6 feet long, not to mention the ridiculous blade… Probably best not to walk around with that on display whilst in town.

“I wasn’t expecting to see you. What’s up? You heading out?”

You tell Ameronis that actually; you wanted to tag along so that you’d have an opportunity to pay them back. Going back to your earlier thoughts, you mention the concept of a money changer and ask Ameronis if they know if there’s one in this town and when they open. Ameronis thinks for a moment, then shakes their head.

“This “town” is actually a village, and a pretty small, out-of-the-way one that that, so I doubt if there’s anything like that around here. Your best bet would be the post office I suppose.
But I haven’t seen the whole place yet, so you never know what other facilities there are. I do have a lot of wandering around to do here before I move on, so who knows what’s to be found.”


“Buuut, if you’re really that determined, you’d probably have better luck earning some money from one of the farmers by helping them out with their chores; there’s no shortage of work to be done, and I’m sure they’d be happy to have another helping hand, even just for a few hours. Chopping wood, baling hay, mucking out stalls, moving stuff around…
Either that or we just move on to the next place once I’m done here and see what we find out in the world.”

You think about it and decide that the best thing to do would be to…

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