Result 1

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The Fighter with a Heavy Steel Scythe?, or the Fighter with a Steel Double-headed Battle Axe?


(Ai-generated image produced using Dall-E 3)

Your battle axe slips from your grasp as you fall to your knees. You grimace and cough up a little blood as your opponent looks on.

You beat your fist against the ground.

Twice now, you’ve been bested in single combat by the one who stands before you. How could this be? You glance up at the masked fighter and the large, jagged, blood-covered scythe they wield. Your battle axe should have had the advantage here, so how could you lose? Did you miscalculate..? Or maybe it’s them; are they more powerful? More skilled?

It doesn’t matter now. It was close, but in the end, they remain armed, and in a position to strike again, if they so choose. All that’s left for you to do now is…

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4 responses to “Result 1”

  1. Seth Beard Avatar

    I ShallReject defeat and vow to get your revenge someday.

  2. Cwookie Avatar

    I shall gracefully accept my defeat and get up to congratulate them on winning. I am not a poor sport, so I shall let them win this battle. Once.

  3. Ela S Avatar

    It is my honor to accept defeat gracefully and to extend my congratulations. As soon as the enemy accepts my congratulations, I will grab my weapon in order to defend myself. Specifically, this is an elemental mace, a powerful scythe that can deal damage far beyond what is expected to be dealt by a normal scythe of similar size. Despite its extreme power, this weapon can only be wielded by one person at a time, and only that person knows how to wield it. Therefore, I will take this and slash the enemy, knowing that I refuse to give up on my fight, so here I go.

  4. Timothy P Avatar

    I can except my loss and be pissed off over it. I will get my revenge here shortly there after